We believe our products are the safest, greenest, and most effective home cleaning supplies in the world. Our complex and technologically advanced formulations combine with the finest sustainable and plant-based ingredients on the planet to achieve uncompromisingly effective cleaning power. We don’t believe you have to sacrifice effectiveness in order to create sustainable cleaning products that actually clean.

The history and natural beauty of the Wallowa Valley inform all that we believe and do: we promise to continuously improve our products so that they remain worthy of the extraordinary heritage and beauty of our Oregon home.

Be sure to check out our selection of eco-friendly cleaning products that are elder-friendly with large prints and easy-grip handles. We have everything from dish “soap” to car cleaner. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable cleaning supplies that work.

  • This only looks like an ordinary bottle™

    Our bottles are extraordinary, from where they come from to where they’re going.

  • Clean with a clean conscience™

    We strive to make our products more effective, safe, and natural.

  • Only the Best

    We’re picky about the chemicals we use.