Ellen Bishop: Scientist, Author, Photographer and WVCP Partner

Ellen Bishop: Scientist, Author, Photographer and WVCP Partner

Ellen Bishop is one of the partners/owners who run Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products LLC. Ellen has a PhD in Geology and has taught Geology and Environmental Studies at multiple schools including Whitman College and Oregon State University. In addition to her academic career, Ellen served for years as an extraordinarily popular editor of the Wallowa Chieftain, our local newspaper.  Ellen published multiple technical articles, and authored five books including:

  1. Living With Thunder: Exploring the Geologic Past, Present, and Future of the Pacific Northwest
  2. In Search of Ancient Oregon: A Geologic and Natural History
  3. Hiking Oregon’s Geology
  4. Best Hikes With Dogs in Oregon
  5. True Tails: The Human-Animal Partnerships of Wallowa County, Oregon

Nearly all the photographs in her books were taken by Ellen, who is also an accomplished professional photographer.  All the images on our labels and website were taken by Ellen.  Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products combines advanced technologies from the semiconductor industry with a well-informed, science-based, uncompromising environmental ethic.  Ellen is an important part of our company family.

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