Pam Royes: Author and Explorer in Wallowa County

Pam Royes: Author and Explorer in Wallowa County

Wallowa County came to my attention when I was a Boy Scout in Minnesota 55 years ago. We read about the Nez Perce tribe and their leader, Chief Joseph. Thirty-five years ago (1985) I visited Wallowa County for the first time and just wept at the beauty, history, and the land. The land!  In 2016 I fulfilled my dream and moved to Wallowa County. One of the very special, authentic, whip-smart people I met in Wallowa County, is Pam Royes.

A few years ago Pam wrote a marvelous book about her journey through a large part of her life, and the remote land she loves.  Temperance Creek is the story of her and her husband’s travels in and around Hell’s Canyon. The book is as much about her inner, mental-spiritual journey as about the rugged unforgiving land she traveled on horseback.  Her vivid depictions of people, land, and events along her journey are not soon forgotten. Hers was a fearless journey.  It is a journey few have the courage to make.

Pam’s journey and her book reflect, and are informed by, the land of Wallowa County. The protection of this land informs, governs, inspires every aspect of our efforts.  Listen to Pam tell her story….

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