Grateful for Snow in the Mountains & Website Store Now Fully Operational

Grateful for Snow in the Mountains & Website Store Now Fully Operational

All of us in Wallowa County are grateful for the heavy snows which will provide water for our crops, animals, and gardens during the coming months. This water is important for our valley. It is a blessing for which we are grateful.

All of us at Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products are grateful our website store became fully operational yesterday.

Our technologically advanced Products are the greenest ultra-effective cleaners in the world. Our advanced ecommerce software systems include Microsoft Dynamics, True Commerce-Nexternal, and Global Payments Integrated. These fully integrated software systems protect the data of our ecommerce customers. The six-years it took us to build and link our world-class ecommerce software reflect our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operation.

We believe we are achieving our goal of delivering the greenest, ultra-effective cleaners via the most advanced secure ecommerce software systems.

Within a month we will start reaching out to establish Authorized Refillers in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Authorized Refillers will be able to refill our very durable containers and thereby reduce the amount of plastic going into our environment.

We appreciate the patience and support from our wonderful suppliers and customers.


Michael Harvey – President

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