From Summer to Fall: Embracing Change at WVCP

From Summer to Fall: Embracing Change at WVCP

Fall 2023 has arrived in Wallowa County Oregon. The leaves are turning color and there is already a light dusting of snow on the mountains.  The garden provided an abundant harvest of vegetables. Fall and Winter bring a quieter, slower life to Joseph, Oregon. I am grateful for this descending peace. Snow and ice force us all to take greater care and just slow down.  Nearing 70, I look forward to Fall-Winter in Wallowa County. It is my favorite time, until Spring returns and it will be time to grow seedlings and plant again. Our children and grandchildren are all flourishing, for which we are grateful.

For WVCP, this 2023 Fall-Winter season is a milestone. It took us seven long years of effort to arrive at our current position. 

  1. We have seventeen core product formulas based on exceptionally green ingredients delivering exceptional cleaning performance.
  2. We offer 150 different skus via product, fragrance, and packaging options.
  3. Our new Bag-In-a-Box (BIB) bulk system allows retailers to easily refill customer containers without generating plastic waste.  Our system is the only one like it in the world. 
  4. Our Quality Management System is improving continuously, enabling us to deliver consistent products even as we grow rapidly.
  5. All our manufacturing, order management, inventory, and order fulfillment functions are automated and integrated.
  6. We have completely reworked our labels and website.
  7. Our careful, prudent, deliberate approach to business and financial management  leaves us with zero external debt. Financially solid.

All of us at WVCP are grateful for the patience of our customers and suppliers over the past seven years. It took us a long time to develop and refine our ultra-green, ultra-effective home cleaning products. I am hoping to slow down and catch my breath a bit as the leaves continue to turn color and fall. I love the quiet that the coming snow will bring to our corner of the planet. 


Michael Harvey

Founder and President

A photo of the Wallowa Valley flora with a light dusting of snowA photo of the snow accumulation on the mountains surrounding the Wallowa ValleyA photo of a snowy pathA photo of the beauty surrounding the Wallowa Valley at the turn of FallA photo through a backlit window of the beautiful scenery in Joseph, Oregon
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