Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Car Cleaner

Gently cleans and shines vehicles of all kinds. Soft, plant-based, biodegradable suds enable the removal of road grit and other soils. This ultra-green cleaner leaves vehicles sparkling clean without harsh chemicals and environmentally dangerous run-off. Masterfully designed and crafted to work as well as conventional vehicle cleaners, but without using harsh chemicals.

This eco-friendly car cleaner comes in concentrate form and is an ultra-effective cleaner enabling you to enjoy clean vehicles without poisoning the environment. Protect wildlife, your pets, and the fish in the streams by using this earth-friendly cleaner. The run-off is readily biodegradable and the cleaner is safe enough to let the kids help you wash. 

Effective and safe without SLS, SLES, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, EDTA, or dyes.

Readily biodegradable

Imagined, designed, and crafted in Oregon.

Advanced Formulation Artfully Made

Not tested on animals.

Available in these sizes:

  • 32 fluid ounces
  • 55-Gallons (for authorized refillers)