Our Company



Except for one fifty-year-old youngster, the founders of Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products are in their sixties and seventies. As older people, we are free to set high and impractical standards for excellence. We are free to imagine, design, and deliver products worthy of our grandchildren. We are not worried about our careers or future prospects. We are free to pursue excellence without having to bow down to investors, accountants, or anyone.

We’re a group of old friends stretching ourselves and sharing the joy of hard work in a beautiful place with the purpose of making our children and grandchildren proud. We hail from Oregon’s Wallowa Valley, where mountains tower over forests, rivers and farmland.  It’s a beautiful pocket of the country, and we want to do what we can to keep it that way.  A few years back, we noticed that many detergents—even those labeled eco-friendly—either contained ingredients that are actually unsafe for the environment or failed to clean effectively.  Since that discovery, we’ve teamed up with scientists to combine natures’ own powers with our cutting-edge science to create cleaning solutions that work for you, and for the corner of the earth you call home.



No matter how fresh and clean a detergent leaves your laundry, if it contains chemicals that can compromise human health, we donʼt think itʼs worth using.

We dedicated three years to creating cleaning products that are as safe as science can make them—because your health matters to us. (We also donʼt test on animals, because their health matters, too.)


Many green cleaning products manufactured to be safe for humans still utilize chemicals that can damage our planet.

Weʼve used our scientific expertise to create benign substitutes for the non-biodegradable ingredients that other companies depend on wherever possible, and we focus on using sustainable components.

We are committed to continuous improvement as cleaning science continues to advance.


Buying green often means sacrificing product effectiveness in favor of human and environmental health.

Not here: we believe in only manufacturing products that meet or exceed green standards and provide exceptional results, even when compared head-to-head with leading cleaning products. With WVCP, the only compromises you should have to make are how to load the dishwasher, and whose turn it is to fold the laundry.