Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products

Our Philosophy: Only the Best

When we say we use the best ingredients, we mean it.

Ingredient selection is critical when designing effective products that are safe for humans and for the environment. Since our founding in 2016, we have searched the world for the most effective, safe, and sustainable ingredients—no matter their cost.

For example: EDTA is a cheap chemical commonly used to combat soap scum and water hardness, and itʼs used in many “green” detergent brands. While it is considered non-hazardous, itʼs not biodegradable, and when it makes its way into our water systems, it binds with naturally occurring metals and disrupts the balance of healthy biomes like our beloved Wallowa Lake. To us, thatʼs unacceptable.

Similarly, SLS and SLES are cheap, readily available, and popular with consumers, but increasing concern about their safety for humans means that we will never use them. Even scents can be dangerous, or can hide harmful chemicals.

All our products have a hard-earned ISO-9235 designation, which means their expertly crafted scents come exclusively from plants and have a gentle, natural smell. WVCP uses small amounts of synthetic (oil-based) EPA-listed Safer Choice ingredients because safe, effective substitutes are currently not available at any price. These are the synthetics we decided are safest to use:

WVCP will continue to work relentlessly until we use only plant-based sustainably sourced ingredients.

The list of chemicals we use is short. The list we won’t use is long.

We will always disclose every ingredient we use, as well as its source or derivation. These are chemicals and processes you will never find in our products, and why:

We will always disclose every ingredient we use, as well as its source or derivation.