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August 28, 2020​

Pam Royes: Author and Explorer in Wallowa County

Wallowa County came to my attention when I was a Boy
Scout in Minnesota 55 years ago. We read about the Nez
Perce tribe and their leader, Chief Joseph. Thirty-five years
ago (1985) I visited Wallowa County for the first time and
just wept at…

August 28, 2020

We support our young people in 4H and FFA

In early August, over 100 local Wallowa county young
people brought the animals they raised to the annual
auction at the fairgrounds in Enterprise. The bidding was
fierce as local business people (including Wallowa Valley
Cleaning Products) competed to over-pay for the animals
raised by…

August 28, 2020

Janie Tippett: Author, Rancher, and, Leader in Wallowa County

Four Lines A Day – The Life and Times of an Imnaha Ranch Woman, is a book I read before moving to Wallowa County in 2016.  It is a fascinating, uplifting story of courage, fortitude, and constancy in remote Wallowa County.  The book’s author, Janie……

June 20, 2020

Traffic in Wallowa County

Last week the turnoff to our blending-packaging facility was
blocked by this traffic….

June 16, 2020

Launch of WVCP

After three years of relentless effort we launched our website today. We carefully developed our product formulas and tested those formulas over the past three years. We developed a remarkably sturdy gallon container which can be refilled again and again for……

June 20, 2020

Ellen Bishop: Scientist, Author, Photographer and WVCP Partner

Ellen Bishop is one of the partners/owners who run Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products LLC. Ellen has a PhD in Geology and has taught Geology and Environmental Studies at multiple schools including Whitman College and Oregon State University. In addition to her academic career, Ellen served……