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Eco-Friendly Multi-purpose Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Multi-purpose Cleaner

Using ultra-premium ingredients, this cleaner removes soils and grease from bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, and all other areas of apartments, homes, farms, and vehicles.  Computer screens, white boards, and may other surfaces can be cleaned effectively with this advanced, plant-based cleaning solution. Can be used as it is and can also be further diluted. Cost effective, super high-quality cleaner.

Two plant and sugar-based surfactants dissolve soils on solid surfaces.  A third, readily biodegradable surfactant, eliminates the need for cheap SLS and SLES.  A revolutionary advanced replacement for cheap EDTA (made from fermented plant sugars) prevents the soils from clinging back to the surface being cleaned, but does not harm rivers, lakes, or septic systems.

Our eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner was masterfully designed and crafted to work as well as conventional surface cleaners without commonly used, harmful ingredients. Multiple surfactants and other ingredients are masterfully blended to leave surfaces sparkling clean without residue, harmful vapors, or suspected carcinogens.

Ultra-green, effective, and safe without SLS, SLES, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, EDTA, or dyes.

Readily biodegradable

Imagined, designed, and crafted in Oregon.

An advanced formulation artfully made.

Not tested on animals.

Offered Fragrance-Free or with a Citrus scent.

Available in these sizes: 

  • 32 fluid ounces
  • 128 fluid ounces
  • 5 gallons 
  • 55-Gallons (for authorized refillers)