Elder Friendly  Products

Easy to Handle. Easy to Read.

What A Concept.

We’re an experienced bunch: the founders of WVCP are, on average, over 65 years old.  Many of us have a hard time reading small product labels, and arthritis causes some of us to struggle with large, slippery containers. Here is our solution: the following eight formulations are offered in smaller, easy-to-handle with large-print labels. Containers you can handle, with labels you can read!




  • Laundry Powder 2.5# Pouch
  • Dish Soap 16 FLOZ Bottle
  • Laundry Liquid–Best 32 FLOZ Bottle
  • Laundry Liquid-Regular 32 FLOZ Bottle
  • Dishwasher Powder 2.5# Pouch
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner 32 FLOZ Bottle
  • Household Cleaner 32 FLOZ Bottle
  • Stain-Oder Remover 32 FLOZ Bottle