Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products

Our Pledge: Continuous Improvement

Our Goals are Simple

The founders of Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products—seven broadly experienced men and women—unitedly see continuous improvement as a core value of our company. We embrace continuous improvement across our entire organization, from the products we manufacture to our distribution system to how we serve our customers. We commit to improving our products so that we:

We practice transparency and identify ingredients and practices that are in need of improvement. We currently use ten synthetic (oil-based) ingredients, and all are listed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “Safer Choice Ingredients” per the Code of Federal Regulations. We use them because we are not aware of an effective substitute at any price. Without them, our products will spoil or may not work effectively. All the synthetic ingredients we currently use are targeted for replacement and are used as sparingly as possible.

We are committed to completing the implementation, registration, and operation of the company utilizing a Quality Management System (QMS) under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We will not stop improving until all our ingredients and packaging are worthy of our beautiful environment and the generations that follow us. If you have scientific data on improved ingredients, please let us know. Our chemists are always looking for breakthroughs.