Wallowa Valley Cleaning Products

All About Our Bottle

Recyclable, Refillable, Reusable

Extraordinary products require an extraordinary bottle.

We believe that refilling plastic containers is environmentally superior to recycling plastic containers. Our bottles are built to last—which keeps them out of landfills.

Soon, our first Authorized Refillers will open in Oregon, where our bottles can be refilled with product until they wear out—we anticipate you’ll use a single bottle for five to ten years! Look for new Refill locations in 2022.

After five to ten years of consistent use, it may be hard to say goodbye to your bottle. We’ll make it easier: it’s fully recyclable, and if you ship it our way, we’ll send you a new bottle and responsibly recycle your old one.

Easy to Handle. Easy to Read.

Many of our products come in elder-friendly bottles and pouches.

We’re an experienced bunch: the average age of our founders is over 60. Like you, we don’t want to mix up our laundry liquid with our dish soap, so we made labels large, clear, and easy on the eyes.

Large, slippery bottles can be especially difficult to manage with arthritic hands and sore shoulders. Smaller, easier-to-handle bottles keep our products accessible.

Eight of our products are available in elder-friendly bottles: laundry powder, laundry liquid (two varieties), dish soap, dishwasher powder, toilet bowl cleaner, household cleaner, and stain/odor remover.